Anders Osborne
Gothic Theatre
Englewood, CO

Source: Busman Audio K31 (DIN) > 1804a > BSC1 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam HD-P2 (24/48)
Location: FOB/DFC 35ft from stage, 8ft up
Transfer: CF > WaveLab 6 (Normalize, Convert to 16bit, Resample to 44.1 with
Apogee UV22HR Dither) > CDWave (Tracking) > Traders Little Helper (FLAC6)
Tagging: FLACs Tagged With Mp3tag v2.57

Recorded by Ryan Stearns

Set 1:

01 Intro
02 Darkness At The Bottom
03 My Old Heart
04 Black Tar
05 Coming Down
06 Back On Dumaine
07 On The Road To Charlie Parker
08 I Shot The Sheriff
09 Trippin' In Montana
10 Ya Ya
11 Tell It To Me
12 Crowd
13 Send Me A Friend
14 Sentimental Times
15 Ohio


Mother Hips opened
Peter Stelling on guitar for entire show