Anders Osborne
Bohn Park
Lyons Outdoor Games
Lyon, CO

Source: MBHO KA500HN>Naiant PFA>Grace Designs Lunatec V3(Oade ACM)>Marantz PMD661 MKII(24/48)
Location: FOB, DFC, 40' from stage, 8' high
Info: SDHC>PC>Wave Lab 6.1(levels, fades, conversion)>CD Wave 1.98(tracks)>TLH(level 8)
Recorded by: Rob O (

01. Introduction
02. Back On Dumaine>
03. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
04. Send Me A Friend
05. Darkness At The Bottom
06. Down By The River
07. Let It Go
08. Peace
09. Burning On The Inside
10. Louisiana Rain
11. Stoned Drunk and Naked

12. Lean On Me/Believe In You
13. On The Road To Charlie Parker

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