Anders Osborne
Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom
Denver, CO

source: (DBOB/DFC/PAS)Audix M1245a-HC > Oade T+ UA-5 > R-09
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac > tagged in foobar2000 w/ live show tagger

taped, transferred, mastered, and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings


01. //Pleasin' You
02. Peace
03. Soul Livin'->
04. Darkness Down At The Bottom
05. Coming Down
06. Dyin' Days->
07. Down By The River
08. Lafayette
09. Back To Mississippi
10. Brush Up Against Me
11. On The Road To Charlie Parker
12. encore break


13. Franklin's Tower


- Pleasin' You cuts in, missing roughly 35 seconds
- Late Night show for the 25th Anniversary Hottenanny from Breckenridge Brewery

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