Anders Osborne
New Mountain
Asheville, NC
Wednesday, 2/15/17

mrsoul recording
Source: Church Audio CK11s (cards) > Sony D10 (24/44.1) > center of stage/behind board/2nd level
Post: CD WAV > Trader's Little Helper > foobar2000 (tagged)

d1t01 Different Drum
d1t02 Flowerbox
d1t03 Fool's Gold
d1t04 Five Bullets
d1t05 Post-Valentine's chatter
d1t06 St. John
d1t07 47
d1t08 Mind of a Junkie>
d1t09 Back on Dumaine
d2t01 She Can Always Tell
d2t02 Louisiana Gold
d2t03 Send Me a Friend
d2t04 Crowd chatter

d2t05 Ash Wednesday Blues
d2t06 Friend of the Devil $

$Grateful Dead cover
$w/ The Ghost of Paul Revere

Anders Osborne guitars, vocals
Brady Blade drums
Carl Dufrene bass, vocals
Eric McFadden guitars, mandolin, vocals

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