Anders Osborne w/ Luther Dickinson
Smith's Old Bar
Atlanta GA

Source: schoeps mk5 (din)> kc5> CMD-2Uxt + schoeps mk22 (stg 22g)> kc5> CMD-2Uxt> sd 788t (24/96)
Location: fob/dfc 8' (mk5's cards)
Transfer: cf>samplitude>cd wave> tlh
Taped, tracked, seeded by Adam Downs
tagged in foobar2000

01. Love is taking its toll>
02. Knockin' on heavens door>
03. Love is taking its toll
04. Band introduction
05. Burning on the inside
06. So hard to please
07. Ya Ya
08. All night long
09. Got your heart
10. Boxes, Bills & Pain
11. Ohio
12. Encore break
13. Hear the hills