Mud Island Amphitheater
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
July 29, 1989

Jon Anderson
Bill Bruford
Rick Wakeman
Steve Howe
+ Tony Levin, Milton McDonald & Julian Colbeck

Lineage: (from the taper) Sony Cassette-Corder (don't remember model number but I bought it in 1988), Sony ECM 101 mic
(which I still have!), three cassettes (probably were Maxell XL-II, but I destroyed all my master tapes after putting them
onto CD), cassettes recorded to computer and track splits done on Cakewalk Pyro program (guessing 10 to 15 years ago),
then burned onto three Sony CD-Rs, then extracted to hard drive by EAC (Exact Audio Copy). The wav files were then retracked
in CDwav, a couple of small gaps were removed using EAC, then these were encoded into FLAC level 8 using Traders Little


Disc One:

01 Time and a Word - Owner of a Lonely Heart - Teakbois
02 Clap
03 Leaves of Green
04 Mood for a Day
05 Rick Wakeman solo
06 Long Distance Runaround / Bruford solo
07 Birthright
08 And You and I
09 Quartet
10 I've Seen All Good People

Disc Two:

11 Close To The Edge
12 Themes
13 Bruford Leven duet
14 Brother of Mine
15 The Meeting
16 Heart of the Sunrise
17 Order of the Unirverse

Disc Three:

18 Let's Pretend
19 Starship Trooper
20 Roundabout

Notes: I love the ABWH album and love all the different recordings I've heard from this show, so, I was thrilled to hear from
someone that equally enjoyed it and even has a recording that is possibly unheard by the community at large. I'll let the taper
himself tell you more -

From the taper Mike:

"Here's what I remember about this ABWH show, or at least think I remember!

I believe all but two songs here are from my master cassettes. On the third disc, Let's Pretend and Starship Trooper are from
a different source of the Mudd Island show, I'm 99% sure. I seem to remember that Let's Pretend cut early on my tape, and that
Let's Pretend was also the song my car cassette player damaged. Wish I had not listened to that tape in my car all those years
ago! And also I think I remember missing recording Starship Trooper entirely that night after Let's Pretend.

So all the songs on the first two discs and Roundabout on the third disc are from master source. I remember a Yes trader many
years ago sent me Let's Pretend and Starship Trooper on cassette from an unknown generation Mudd Island source but they sound
good and are of similar quality so it patched up well.

I'm certain I traded this a few times on cassette, so there are some first generation and beyond sources around that have
Let's Pretend cut towards the end and are missing Starship Trooper (unless someone else patched these two songs like I did).
I don't remember ever trading this on CD or making a copy from CD for anyone before.

It was a great show, I was so looking forward to this one. I lived in Nashville and was surprised they played Memphis
instead of Nashville. Mudd Island was a relatively small venue (guessing a couple of thousand seats or so) and a nice place
to see ABWH begin their tour. One thing I specifically remember, although it doesn't sound a lot different in the recording
than the rest of the songs, is how incredibly LOUD it got during the last part of I've Seen All Good People, especially to be
be outside!

I also saw Yes in Nashville in February 1988 which was also a great show. These are the only two times I saw them."

I'm calling this source 3 master, as this is different than a previously shared unknown cassette version from Relayerman, and
is also different from the audio track of the previously released VHS. A welcome addition, indeed - thank you, Mike!

Please don't profit from this transfer - share it, post it, give it away, but, don't make money off of it.