Band : Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, & Howe
Date : Tuesday, August 15, 1989
City : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Venue : A.J. Palumbo Center
Capacity : 6,200

Lineage: Aud Cassette>Internet Trade>CDR>TLH>Wavelab>TLH>You

Hildie Restoration Notes: April 30, 2008: This was a good AUD recording, however there were dropouts on the right channel. The audio was there just at a very low level. I adjusted the levels and restored what I feel is a brilliant recording in Wavelab. This took four tries. I have the original torrent which would include the tapers notes. However I am unable to find them at this time. I do recall the poster mentioning about the level changes. Overall this was a good enough recording. The signal to noise ratio was key here. I left the track breaks where they were.

As always thanks to the original uploader and taper. Enjoy!! Hildie

Lineup :
Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Bill Bruford (Drums)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)
Julian Colbeck (Keyboards)
Tony Levin (Bass)
Milton McDonald (Guitars)

Setlist :

Disc One

01. Intro/Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
02. Time And A Word
03.Owner Of A Lonely Heart
04. Teakbois
05. Three-Song Reprise
06. Clap
07. Mood For A Day
08. Rick Wakeman Solo
09. Long Distance Runaround
10. Bill Bruford Solo
11. Birthright
12. And You And I
13. Your Move/I've Seen All Good People
14. Close To The Edge

Disc Two

01. Second Attention
02. Soul Warrior
03. Levin/Bruford Duet
04. Brother Of Mine
05. The Meeting
06. Heart Of The Sunrise
07. Order Theme
08. Rock Gives Courage
09. It's So Hard To Grow
10. Order Of The Universe
11. Roundabout
12. Starship Trooper