Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe
SDSU Open Air Theatre
San Diego, Ca.

Master Audience Recording by Brian Emery

Disc 1
1.01 Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra (2.16)
1.02 Time And A Word ~ Owner Of A Lonely Heart ~ Teakbois (7.10)
1.03 The Clap (4.32)
1.04 Mood For A Day (4.36)
1.05 Rick Wakeman On Keys (5.34)
1.06 Long Distance Runaround ~ Bill Bruford On Drums (7.15)
1.07 Birthright (6.51)
1.08 And You And I (Part 1, cut out) (8.19)
1.09 And You And I (Part 2, cut in) (1.16)
1.10 I've Seen All Good People (9.12)
1.11 Close To The Edge (19.30)

Disc 2
2.01 Themes (7.28)
2.02 Brother Of Mine (10.21)
2.03 The Meeting (6.12)
2.04 Heart Of The Sunrise (10.34)
2.05 Order Of The Universe (9.12)
2.06 Roundabout (11.11)
2.07 Starship Trooper (12.37)

Artwork included courtesy of Steve Hendrix (Steve7711)

Lineage: AIWA CM-30A>WM-D3(ANALOG)>TC-WE475>RCD-W500C W/SBM (Super Bit Mapping)

Jon Anderson � Vocals
Steve Howe � Guitars
Rick Wakeman � Keyboards
Bill Bruford � Drums
Jeff Berlin � Bass Guitar
Julian Colbeck � Keyboards
Milton McDonald � Guitars


This recording has been circulating since '89 however this version is a new master cassette
transfer from my original analog master tape (Feb. 2010).

Great show from the '89 ABWH tour. This is the first show after the cancellation of several shows
prior to this when Tony Levin got sick and had to step down so they replaced him with Jeff Berlin.
Nice recording from the pit Section EEE Row 4.

This is upload #29 from my "Master tape Collection". I'm going to start uploading shows from
my 600+ masters which includes uncirculated recordings from 2003 thru the present. I've taped just
about every show i've gone too since 1986 so you can imagine i have a lot of masters to share. Most
of my recordings from 1986-2002 have been circulating as i used to do a lot of trading back in the day.
All uploads however will be new master tape transfers directly from the master tape to CD.


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