The Anderson Ponty Band
The Canyon
Agoura Hills, CA
April 30, 2016

Jon Anderson - Vocals, Guitars
Jean-Luc Ponty - Violin
Rayford Griffin - Drums
Wally Minko - Keyboards
Keith Jones - Bass
Jamie Glaser - Guitars, Backing Vocals

24 bit/96Khz converted to 16 bit AIFF

Roland R-05 built-in mics>Audacity>AIFF>FLAC

(First Set)
1. Intro
2. One In the Rhythm of Hope
3. A For Aria
4. Owner of a Lonely Heart
5. Listening With Me
6. Time And A Word
7. Infinite Mirage
8. Soul Eternal
9. Jig
10. New New World
(Second Set)
11. The Revealing Science of God (Spoken Excerpt)
12. New Country
13. Under Heaven�s Door

1. Wondrous Stories
2. Long Distance Runaround
3. Renaissance of the Sun
4. State of Independence
5. Enigmatic Ocean (Rayford Griffin Solo)
6. And You And I
7. Keith Jones Solo
8. Roundabout
9. Yours Is No Disgrace
10. Soon

Recorded and seeded by interlude2.

Please do not share in lossy formats or �remix� and seed again as a new version.