ARW (Anderson Rabin Wakeman)
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass.
October 4, 2017

Taper 1: MR
Lineage: CSC > Edirol R09HR > WAV (48/24)
Location: Row MM, Seat 119, Left of center

Taper 2: Farve4
Lineage: SP-CMC-8c > SP-SPSB-11 > Roland R-05 >
SanDisk 16GB Micro Memory Card > WAV 48kHz/24-bit
Location: Row PP, Seat 153, Right of center

Jon Anderson: Vocals, guitar
Rick Wakeman: Keyboards
Trevor Rabin: Guitar, vocals
Lee Pomeroy: Bass, vocals
Louis Molino III: Drums

Set List
01 Intro Music 1:33
02 Cinema 2:15
03 Perpetual Change 7:42
04 Hold On 7:45
05 South Side of the Sky 8:43
06 And You And I 11:37
07 Changes 7:28
08 Rhythm Of Love 7:10
09 I Am Waiting 8:32
10 Heart Of The Sunrise 12:41
11 Awaken Intro 1:41
12 Awaken 20:36
13 Owner Of A Lonely Heart 13:52
14 Encore Break 2:27
15 Roundabout 8:21
Total Time: 122:33 (2:02:33)

Remaster (MR&BS)
1. Swap channels given gear set-up (MR)
2. Re-balance frequencies / EQ
3. Remove many loud claps and clicks
4. Adjust dynamics
5. Reduce yells and whistles

Build Stereo Remaster
1. Sync sources
2. Combine sources to create stereo field
3. Adjust and center stereo field
4. Remove many more claps and clicks
5. Track

Compared to Last year's tour:
I've Seen All Good People, Drum Solo, Lift Me Up, Long Distance Runaround,
The Fish and The Meeting have been removed.
South Side of the Sky, Changes and I Am Waiting have been added.
Owner of a Lonely Heart has a brief segment of Cream's Sunshine.
Rabin and Wakeman enter balcony box seats while playing Owner of a Lonely Heart.
Song I Am Waiting is from the Talk album.