THE ANDERSON WAKEMAN PROJECT - Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England, 2010-10-09

Tracks and checksums:

101 Starship Trooper.flac
102 Sweet Dreams.flac
103 Forever (Deeper Love).flac
104 And You And I.flac
105 The Living Tree Part 2.flac
106 Morning Star.flac
107 Your Move.flac
108 The Garden.flac
109 The Living Tree Part 1.flac
110 Time And A Word.flac
111 Owner Of A Lonely Heart.flac

201 Long Distance Runaround.flac
202 Yours Is No Disgrace.flac
203 Just One Man.flac
204 Wonderous Stories.flac
205 23-24-11.flac
206 South Side Of The Sky.flac
207 Turn Of The Century.flac
208 Living In The House Of Freedom.flac
209 Roundabout.flac
210 Soon.flac
211 The Meeting.flac

Corn Exchange in Cambridge

Jon Anderson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Rick Wakeman: Keyboards

To follow, ticket scan included

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The first "proper" gig on the tour (there was a warm-up the night before - as you can find in one of the links). I've never been to the Corn Exchange before - it's a lovely venue, but a bit of a big barn: so when the sound comes across as a bit echoey and distant, that's how it sounded on the evening. Also, it was clear that Jon was much higher in the mix that Rick, and that comes across on the recording as well. Apologies for the odd creaking noise, the seating is almost like temporary terracing, so it creaked every time someone moved in their seat!

Have so say, it was quite an understated performance, Jon in particular coming across as quite tentative. They played all of the tracks from the new album except "Anyway And Always" (I hope I've got the two Living Trees the right way round!). Jon used a music stand with a folder holding the words on all of the new songs, so recently were some of them written. If I'm brutally honest, we weren't that carried away by the new songs (sorry if I'm going to sound disloyal heree), most coming across as rather insipid and airy-fairy - I'd love to feel confident that familiarity will change that, but on the other hand, both of the guys are getting older... Feel free to discuss!!

But everything is forgiven, because they played South Side Of The Sky!

The sound on the original was way too quiet, so I boosted the volume and compressed down the peaks to compensate. Happy with it now, and didn't want to do any more.