Andrew Robson's The Child Ballads
Blue Mountains Folk Festival, Katoomba, NSW, Australia

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01 Intro
02 Burd Ellen & Young Tamlane
03 Talk
04 Erlington
05 Talk
06 The Coble o Cargill
07 Talk
08 Lady Isabel
09 Talk
10 Flodden Field
11 talk
12 The Lady Of Arngosk
13 Talk
14 Child Owlet
15 Talk
16 The Bonny Lass Of Anglesey
17 Outro

The Child Ballads, a new work by saxophonist and composer Andrew Robson.
"The work brings to life a collection of English and Scottish folksongs, for which only the words survived, allowing them to be performed by this all-star ensemble."

Andrew Robson - saxophone
Mara Kiek - voice and drum
Llew Kiek-guitar and bouzouki
Stehen Elphick - double bass