Andrew Tosh w/Peter Tosh Band 8-30-89 KC, MO The Grand Emporium Sbd>D-6, Cass/Master>UA-1A>cooleditpro> cdwav>wav>shn Originaly recorded by Caz Ergovich(Thanks Caz) Thanks to Dan Cole for use of his masters! ~Jah music is for Love, Not for sale~ md5 inside D1 1.Opening Tune #1 > (backup singers) 2.Tune# 2 > 3.Coming In Hot 4.Not Gonna Give It Up 5.Original Man 6.Where You Gonna Run? 7.Come Together 8.Rastafari Is/ 9.Make Place For The Youth 10.Equal Rights > 11.Downpressor Man 12.Why Did You Do It? 13.Johnny B. Goode D2 1.Toughest > 2.Bush Doctor 3.encore: /Legalize It