Andrew White Live On WRVR 1975-06-23 complete set FM Master Reel to Reel

This music has enough energy to make you frantic! Umgedreht! Topsy Turvy! OokaChooka!

Too much coffee... (sigh)

For the first 17 or so minutes they grab a riff and build on it again, and again, and again, and the excitement builds higher and higher- until the band, the audience (either at the Village Gate or the Bottom Line), and you go totally insane!

Does anybody remember the excitement of Duke at Newport in 1956 where Paul Gonsalves blew so many choruses of "Dimuendo and Crescendo in Blue" that the audience nearly rioted? It's kind of like that on speed. Even if you didn't like that feeling, you got caught up in it, right?

That's what this show is. The performance is that strong.

But, don't blame me if you get pulled over by your local police if you listen to this while driving.

You HAVE been warned!!

This show is the opening act for the George Duke show that was recently torrented. If there is interest in my copy I will post it. It's in the same quality, but unfortunately it's only 31 minutes.

Again, your host is Les Davis.

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3

If you know the names of these tunes, please let me know. It sounds like spontaneously created music, but I could be wrong.


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