Andy Aledort & The Groove King's

The Turning Point Cafe

Piermont, New York

February 25th 2012'

Recorded & Transferred By Bob Pitlak

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16 Bit 44.1 kHz

Been a while since i've seen Andy and he did not disappoint, as expected he played a mix of Albert King
and Freddie King as well as a couple of Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes by request, he wailed on that guitar
wrenching out some of the most intense blistering blues you could imagine.

Andy Aledort is the senior editor for Guitar magazine, longstanding genius at deciphering guitarist's
like Jimi Hendrix and Albert King and many other's, he knows the guitar inside out and knows how to
employ that knowledge of other artist's onstage with his uncanny ability to emulate their styles during
his live shows, most notably his tributes to Jimi Hendrix are spot on.

Seeing Andy live is exciting, his band The Groove King's are a tightly wound group as the title states as
they know how to boogie, setting a tempo for Andy as he unleashes monster chops and solos all along the
way he keeps the audience mesmerized with his guitarwork that is so full of feeling & emotion.

From the gate, he started off with Freddie King instrumental "Side Tracked", a nice groove ensued here and
the tempo never let up, one thing i noticed about Andy's playing whether it be Albert King Or Jimi Hendrix
is all the little tricks he applies on guitar fingerwise, adding these little embellishments here and there
really add up to the final product.

This was a very entertaining evening if you like the blues, Andy covers the bases here with the King's as usual,
but after mixing it up a bit with some Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter he cranks out a really tasty
original called "Right By Your Side", definitely Hendrix flavored and some of the best guitarwork of the night
is showcased on this number.

As typical of a night out with Andy Aledort, he follows up with a couple of Hendrix tunes to really amp things up
a bit even throwing in another Stevie Ray tune, but this night he invites guitarist Paul Riario onstage to jam a
bit starting out with Junior Well's "You Don't Love Me Baby" both guitarist's feeling each other out trading riffs
this young gun seems like he can play too, what ensues is a mini Allman Brothers concert for a while before Andy
finally comes in for a landing, closing out the show with Stevie Ray Vaughan favorite, "Pride & Joy".

All in all another great show from Andy Aledort & The Groove King's at the Turning Point Cafe.

If you don't know Andy Aledort & like great blues guitar you should go check them out, you won't be disappointed !

How To:

The Band:

Andy Aledort:Guitar/Vocals
Dennis Metzler:Bass
Richard Rosch:Drums
Mike Dimeo:Keys/Vocals

Paul Riario:Guest Guitar #


Disc 1 ( 69:52 ) Min

1:Side Tracked
2:Get Out Of My Life Woman
3:Matchbox Blues
4:Texas Flood
5:Andy Speaks
6:Divin' Duck
7:Breakin Up Somebody's Home
8:Right By Your Side
9:Crosstown Traffic

Disc 2 ( 51:18 ) Min

1:Red House
2:Cold Shot
3:You Don't Love Me Baby #
4:Statesboro Blues #
5:Blue Sky Medley #

Disc 3 ( 28:21 ) Min

1:The Whipping Post #
2:One Way Out #
3:Pride & Joy

This show goes out to everyone who couldn't be there.

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