Andy Falco
The Festy 7 - Front Porch workshop stage
Oak Ridge Farm
Arrington, VA

SRC: Church Audio cafs mics > Edirol R09/HR > 24 bit WAV
Lineage: Resampled to 44.1 khz (high quality, steep, min. phase, dithering (shibata filter)) and exported to 16 bit in SoX > FLAC

1. Opening patter
2. Tomorrow is a Long Time
3. Frankie and Johnny
4. Peace of Mind
5. Rosalee McFall
6. Pretty Fair Maid in the Garden
7. Phil Lesh story
8. Rainbows

Show notes: Andy arrived on a golf cart, looking definitely not quite yet awake with a "Why, oh why, did I agree to an 11:15 AM workshop?" look on his face. For him, like any musician, that's like 4 AM for the rest of us! Nevertheless, he gets up in front of the mic, fortified with his usual good humor, insane chops and a strong cuppa. Great songs, great stories, lots of fun.

Quality notes: Okay quality, not great. An adequate document of a terrific set. Of course I lost the tiny windscreens for my cafs mics. Once they fall in the grass you rarely find them again. I had to put a sandwich bag over them to block the wind, and occasionally you can hear it crunkling. That's either the wind kicking the bag around or me fiddling with it when I wasn't supposed to - likely the latter. Basically this Festy I learned that as far as taping an amped workshop stage goes, 1) put your mics directly in front of one of the speakers, since they both run the same mix and 2) put the windscreens on at home, tape them to the cable and leave them on for the whole festival. Lesson learned.