Andy Irvine Radio Broadcasts In Ireland 2010-2013 Recived Direct From F.M. Over
The Air Transmissions Radio With A Whip Antanna And T.v on A Philips Nicam Set
And A Dipole Antanna.

Andy Irvine has enjoyed a long and successful career
as a traditional Irish musician. He has travelled the world as a solo artist and
was a member of legendary Irish groups such as Planxty and Patrick Street and
more recently Mozaik. Throughout his extensive career he has maintained and
developed the qualities in his music, which endear him to his audience and
fellow musicians alike. After his introduction to the world of touring with
Sweeney´┐Żs Men in 1965 ,he is definitely a twentieth
century artist, whose material ranges from the centuries old music
of Ireland to Woody Guthrie, from the music of Eastern Europe.
Singer, songwriter and gifted musician.

RTE Radio One 88.5 F.M Broadcast 26 December 2010.
In Concert Program Recorded Lisburn Arts Centre October 2010.
01 When The Boys Are On Prade.
02 Renardine.
03 The Bras Of Moneymore.
04 The Close Shave.
05 Three Huntsmen.
06 Oslo.
07 O Donoghues.
08 Arthur Mc Bride.
09 The Blacksmith.
10 My Hearts In Ireland.

RTE T.V Ch 1 V.H.F Soundchannel Broadcast 29 June 2011.
The View Arts Program.
11 Interview Part 1.
12 Interview Part 2.
13 Willy Of Winsbury.
14 Way Out Yonder.

RTE Radio One F.M. Live In Studio 20 December 2013.
John Murray Program.
15 A Cherry Tree Carol.

RTE Radio One Live Belfast Studios 20 October 2010
Pat Kenny Program.
16 Way Out Yonder/You Rambling Boys.

Broadcast Segments End.

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To Line In Input Audigy Soundcard As Wav Files At 44 Khz Bit Sampling Rate.
Traders Little Helper Flac Front End Compression 8 To Internet.

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