Andy Summers- guitar
Tommy Eyre- keyboards
Anne Vernon - vocals
Allan Thompson- bass (from Eric Clapton's band)
Aaron Almoun (last name spelling probably incorrect)- drums
The Metro
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
July 14, 1987
performance quality: B+ to A- (Andy's singing is not his strongest suit in Police songs,
and he screws up a couple of times in his songs but still sounds good overall, and his guitar
sounds good period. This show is mostly Andy's own material, and I like it alot. It has a
mood to it that I never hear in Police shows at all, partly because those are mostly Sting songs.)
recording quality: B
source: master audience tape
lineage: Realistic mini mikes >
Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes >
played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 >
CD > CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
mastered and remastered by glasnostrd19.
I've managed to identify all but 4 of the track titles.
Anyone who DL's this and can identify any of them,
Thanks to our reliable Dime Setlist Patrol for some setlist fillage (rhymes with Hillage).
thanks to doctone for titles of tracks 8 and 10 (getting us"almost there")
and to rhoeckel for getting our setlist all the way there with titles of tracks 9 and 11.
setlist disc 1: 64:23
1: WBCN interview with Mark Parenteau afternoon before the show (7/14/87) part I 6:37
2: interview part II 5:32
3: interview part III 7:03
4: how many days 8:12
5: almost there 5:39
6: the change 5:25
7: Andy gets confused what song they're playing, then truth hits everybody 4:29
8: the only road 4:45
9: XYZ 3:45
10: Omegaman 4:52
11: carry me back 8:01 (this one is very good, with a nice guitar jam)
disc 2: 67:39
12: band introductions 1:08
10: love is the strangest way 6:33
11: Cleveland Avenue 6:37
12: tea in the Sahara 8:41
13: hold me 8:30
14: scary voices 7:01 (very nice song and performance)
15: nowhere 6:37
16: eyes of a stranger 6:48
17: encore I: so lonely 8:18
18: encore II: can't stand losing you 7:21

What could be more appropriate in the summertime than some Andy Summers?
How many musicians are great enough to be named after a whole season?
There are lots of fun things to do in the summer time and one of them is
to hear some Andy. Especially this tour which is a nice mix of pop, progressive
pop and about as close as you can get to Police Andy Summers without either
of his more common concert company. The music after this sounds a little more fusey
from Andy, before this, I believe not much else but Police and the I Advance Masked
album he did with Robert Fripp a few years before this. Some of this sounds a little
like that, and most of these songs I've never heard live except in this show (also
the only 87 Andy show I've heard, and it was a good one). This was the tour of XYZ
(why do I keep confusing it with Rush? It doesn't sound the slightest bit like Rush
but they have a song called YYZ. Andy Summers doesn't.). They do a few Police songs,
but that's not what I went to hear and that's not really what Andy was there to play.
Most of the show was about his material which was the most enjoyable for me in this show.
The interview is in 3 parts because it had 2 commercial interruptions. It is complete
and so is the concert, although after the interview they play a studio song and Mark
makes some remarks after that about this concert so I faded out the studio track at
the very start of it (2 second fadeout) and put his remarks in after that. the studio
track "eyes of a Stranger" was also played just before the second interview segment,
and been removed from this posting. this does not take any continuity out of the interview.
The doors opened at 8 P.M., about 2 hours later the music started. This first time ever
posting for Independence Day in the U.S.A. includes the complete interview before concert
with WBCN's Mark Parenteau, and the complete concert. You don't miss anything.
I don't believe there was a warmup act, and in 1987 the $11.50 price tag for the
ticket to the show seemed a bit pricey- for .333 of a Police concert? Actually to
me it was better than seeing a Police concert. Andy is the most underrated member of
that band and proves it in this show. Sting's all right, but when you can have Allan
Thompson (of Eric Clapton's band)?
Several songs on that XYZ (studio) disc are in here and they all sound very good to me.
I got to hear alot of what Andy Summers does best- play guitar. He does alot of that in
here and alot of his singing sounds very good too (although Sting's job there is hardly
threatened). Some of this is mellow pop (not schlock, I don't think), some more
"progressive", there is mercifully little sappy Police music in here, Anne sounds very
good singing in Tea in the Sahara (it probably wouldn't have sounded very good if Andy
had to sing that one). The Police had quite a history in Boston, having played the
largest concert venue then available in the area (Sullivan/Foxboro) just 4 years earlier,
Andy remarks the stadium got a little smaller (the Metro held about 600 or so).
I've only heard a couple of shows at the Metro. the acoustics in there are awful.
That's probably why I don't rate this a B+, it was a decent recording and despite being
one of my most played master tapes (before digital days), it was also one of my 1st digital
master transfers, and it's still a decent recording. the 1st transfer wound up on a
digiglitched CD, which was not a CDR-W so it had to go in the trash and fortunately the only
other transfer I did of this came out fine, turns out it needed some more ICPVR (individual
clap peak volume reduction, between the songs) and level balancing, but I'm listening to it
as I write this info file, fortunately this second transfer disc copy seems to be glitchless.
I had thought there may be a few in here, but upon further visual and audio file inspection,
what I thought were clicks are actually claps, and not very loud ones. I'm glad I didn't have
to do a third transfer of this, it was a bit of a project, but no EQ or noise reduction/processing
was done other than the already described and to splice the flips. The crowd had a good time,
and did not ruin the recording at all. I feel good about sharing this one and think I've finally
got it in good sharing condition. It would be alot easier to pick out which songs I don't like
in here, than which I like, cuz there aren't many. I'm quite surprised to see so little from
this tour posted, considering how popular Andy Summers is. He mentions they played the night
before in Providence, R.I. For some reason I thought David Sancious played in this show, but
apparently he does not.
Andy Summers is the only performer I've ever seen introduce the drummer first. I've never seen
the Police in concert or any member of them except this one time.
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
You can't put a price on summertime... or Summerstime.