Angel Band
Tin Angel, Philly
February 20, 2009
G2 Master Audience Recording

Sony D8 Dat Master>Stand Alone Burner>Wav>Flac

Angel Band:
Nancy Josephson - Vocals, Accordian
Kathleen Weber - Vocals
Bevin Caulfield - Vocals

David Bromberg - Guitars, Mando
Marc Moss - Drums, Mando
Bob Taylor - Bass Guitar
Nate Grower - Fiddle

01. I'm Coming Home To You
02. Long Gone Lucky
03. Double Dutch
04. Boots Of Guadelupe
06. Droown In The Fountain Of Good
07. Hope Is On The Way
09. Deeds We Have Done
10. Unlikely Place For Happiness
11. Bless My Soul
12. Band Intros
13. Jump Back In The Ditch
14. Don't Let Me Down (Beatles)

No Mp3'S, No Selling, Yes Sharing
Please No Remaster/Reposts - It Is What It Is.
"It Ain't Perfect, But It Ain't Bad"