ani difranco
all things considered segment
NPR studio 4a
washington, d.c., united states
02 september 1997

this is a short excerpt from the news program "all things considered", on a national public radio broadcast from the united states. linda wertheimer interviews ani difranco, and ani performs 3 songs at studio 4a.

at the time, ani's latest release was the live album "living in clip", and she was touring as an opening act for bob dylan.

this recording was made from an FM broadcast of the NPR station KUNM in new mexico. the weather wasn't the greatest at the time, and reception was spotty, but listenable. i was tempted to use noise reduction to cut out some of the static but sometimes the artifacts it introduces are worse than the original noise.

lineage: FM broadcast --> 48k DAT --> Mbox --> WAV --> FLAC level 8 --> you