Ani DiFranco
Port Fairy Folk Festival
Port Fairy, Victoria
"High Above Down Under" (liberated boot)
"Piggypuss 51/52"

01. Introduction/Swan Dive
02. Hot Shaped Hat/ Five Minutes More
03. Both Hands
04. Letter To A John
05. The Saint
06. Two Little Girls
07. talking/Sorry I Am
08. Sorry I am (cont.)/Up Up Up
09. talking/Pulse
10. Pulse (cont.)/Independence Day
11. Cradle And All

Radio Broadcast>CD (silver)>Wav w/EAC>Flac (level 8) w/ TLH

Many sites list this as coming from an FM source but in reality the radio show it comes from is an AM broadcast.
When I tested the files for lossy source w/ TLH the results were ambiguous (report included).
I created screen shots of frequency analysis and spectral analysis of a randomly selected track with Cooledit pro (included)
and cleared them with the DIME mods before sharing. (thanks Jupiter2101!)

The CD bootleg is actually a two disk set with a second disk of "Rarities" and other live tracks. My copy of it is defective and
has never played. It's sort of beside the point since most of it has been officially released anyway.
This a great performance from Ani. Passionate delivery of her great songs interspersed with stories and commentary at once
heart rending and humorous. Please only share this losslessly and never ever sell it.

check out
Buy Ani Difranco records. She has a great range of "official bootlegs" which are well worth the price.
Go see her show when she comes to your town. You won't be dissappointed.