Ani Difranco
Saturday October 14, 2006
The Pageant
Saint Louis, Missouri

Taper: Ryan A (
Location: Floor, FOS right
Source: Danish Pro Audio 4061 mics > Danish Pro Audio MMA6000 > Edirol R-09 (line in, 24bit/48kHz wav)
Transfer: Edirol R-09 > USB > wav @ 24bit/48kHz > Hard drive >
Wavelab 5.0 (crowd volume reduction, fades, normalizing & resampling/dithering to 16bit/44.1kHz) >
CD Wave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 6 Flac Compression) > Flac

Disc One (69:47)

01) Knuckle Down
02) Manhole
03) Half-Assed
04) Fire Door
05) Millennium Theater
06) Napoleon
07) Decree
08) My I.Q.
09) Back Back Back
10) Lag Time
11) In The Way
12) Sunday Morning
13) Red Letter Year
14) Dilate
15) 78% H2O

Disc Two (26:10)

01) Untouchable Face
02) Gravel
03) Little Plastic Castle
04) Evolve
05) Hypnotized

** When trading this out, please trade ONLY in original Flac format to preserve the generational integrity.
*** Do not edit, remaster or torrent without permission from the taper.

- The show was basically all acoustic. Add to that - the dynamics in Ani's music fluctuate pretty dramatically
(very soft singing to loud strumming and singing). As a result, the crowd (cheering, clapping, etc) was far louder than
the music coming from the PA most of the time. So to compensate and smooth things out, I lightly edited the show by
reducing the volume of the crowd between songs (particularly the cheering immediately after a song was done), usually by 50%.
It's not by any means perfect, and some awkward volume fluctuations can be heard a few times. But the volume discrepency
between music and crowd was just too much not to do this. I did not, however, edit anything during a song. So the music
is left untouched.
- A mid-sized venue like The Pageant like this is sort of awkward to hold an all-acoustic show. The volume is just not loud
enough and its hard to get 2000 people to shut up and listen for any length of time. So there is inevitably more crowd
in the recording than is ideal.
- I'm not an Ani fan (I recorded it for my fiance) so I can't really comment on the performance of any individual song.
But the most beautiful parts of the concert were when Ani sang softly/tenderly and the whole theater was dead quiet listening
intently. Very touching. I'd go see her again. Ani fans - I hope you enjoy this!