ALO 12 29 2007 The Independent San Francisco

Microtrack 24/96>Sony ecm 719 mic>CD architect (file crossfades and resampling)>CD Wave (for splitting)>16bit wav files>Traders Little Helper for flac and md5 and torrent.

Audience tape. 2/3 of the way back.

Equipment problem at begining of encore missing part of "Easy".

Recorded by Leslie

------------ --------- --------- ----

Set One:

01 Intro G. Joe

02 BBQ->

03 Jaden

04 Mashed Potatoes

05 Busy Killing Time->

06 Chilly Chile->

07 Fly Like an Eagle (Steve Miller tune)

08 Sunny Side of Heaven with Lebo on pedal steel

09 Nacho Monkey * Tombone

10 Walls of Jericho

Set Two:

11 Pobrecito->

12 Gardener->

13 Spectrum

14 Jump (Van Halen)

15 Ophelia

16 Livin' in a Dyin' Day

17 Brother Be Strong->

18 Kolomana

19 Lady Loop


20 Easy Like Sunday Morning

21 Maria

The sax player and Topol the drummer from Culver City sat in at times...

Setlist with Help from DR Bob

The Fleetwood Mac tune is:

"Sunny Side of Heaven"

From the album Bare Trees.

This was great fun with the ALO vibe in a packed house. They're just getting warmed up and we have two nights to go-I'll restrain myself and save the superlatives for tonight's show!--- Dr.Bob

This was the first of three nights at the Independent for ALO. I saw the first two and am hoping that someone will post the third 12/31/2007 aka New years Eve show. Bill Kreutzman sat in on "They Love Each Other" at that show.. Peace in the New Year To all. Leslie

Not here:

Culver City Dub Collective (opener)

Guadalajara Joe (opener)