P3, Purmerend, The Netherlands

01 Baby Let Me Take You Home
02 It's My Life
03 Bright Lights, Big City
04 I Believe To My Soul
05 I'm Crying
06 John Steel Talks
07 Bring It On Home To Me
08 Don't Bring Me Down
09 Outcast
10 Big Boss Man
11 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
12 Inside Looking Out
13 Night Time Is The Right Time
14 Road Runner
15 Club A Go Go
16 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
17 Encore Break
18 Boom Boom
19 The House Of The Rising Sun

Line up:
John Steel - drums
Mickey Gallagher - keyboard, backing vocal
Danny Handley - guitar, lead vocal
Roberto Ruiz - bass

Complete show
Total time 01:36:17
Excellent audience recording A+ (Olympus LS-10)

As you can see, Eric Burdon is not in the line up but the drummer John Steel, the original and founding member of The Animals, is here.
Mickey Gallagher toured with The Animals back in 1965, so he's a kind of semi-original member.
The concert was promoted as "The Animals", but on their official website they call themselves "Animals And Friends".
Very enjoyable evening, with some good old rhythm and blues standars plus their chart hits and singles.

As always, share and enjoy! Also, to support the musicians go to the shows if you can, and buy original records, that's what I do too.

Profesor Z