Anita Baker
January 4th 1987
Beverly Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

By Request

I got this in a snail mail trade awhile ago. So some of the info might
be wrong. But this is the best I can figure at this time. I re-track
it and did some minor edits and fades between music tracks. Most likely
there were commercials edit out.

Lineage ? > FM Broadcast > ? > CDr > me > EAC > Adobe
Audition > THL level 8 > flac 16 > you > enjoy

Setlist :

CD 1

01. Caught up in the rapture
02. Anita Talks
03. Be Mine
04. Anita Talks
05. My Angel
06. Anita Talks
07. Mystery
08. Anita Talks
09. Never stop to love
10. Anita Talks
11. Same Ole Love
12. Anita Talks
13. You bring me joy
14. Watch your step
15. Anita Talks

CD 2

16. Sweet Love
17. Anita Talks
18. No one in the world
19. Been so long
20. Anita Talks
21. No more tears for you
22. My soul feels good

Total time ~ 01:29:52.181

The Band

Music Director/Keyboards: Bobby Lyle
Guitar: Donald Griffin
Percussions: Garry Glenn
Saxophone: Gerald Albright
Bass: Nathan East
Drums: James Bradley, Jr
Background vocals: Perri Sisters, Gina Taylor, Freida Williams

I got to see Anita in 1995-04-29 @ Radio City Music Hall, NYC.
If anyone has a recording of it. I would love to hear it, thanks.

feel free to PM if you need me to seed any of my torrents

...DO NOT SELL....


If you have any info about this concert and or this recording, Please tell.