Ann Wilson (of Heart)
"Live & Out Of The Box"
WAXQ 104.3 FM
New York, NY
September 26 & 30, 2007

Source/Lineage: FM>Cool Edit Pro (via line-in)>Wave>Flac level 6
Taped by: Al (
*****Modern Day Warrior Recordingzzz*****

Disc total time - 31:33

Q104.3's "Live at Five"
September 26, 2007
01. Intro/Interview segment
02. Dreamboat Annie
03. Interview segment #2
04. War Of Man (Neil Young cover)/Interview outro

Q104.3's "Out Of The Box"
September 30, 2007
05. Intro/Interview segment #1
06. American Tune (Paul Simon cover)
07. Interview segment #2
08. Interview segment #3
09. Sand
10. Outro

Ann Wilson - Vocals
Nancy Wilson - guitar
Craig Bartok - guitar
Rick Martin - bass
Debbie Share - keyboards
Ben Smith - drums

I recorded these two acoustic performances off the radio a few days apart on the same station. Ann was promoting her first solo album "Hope and Glory".No artwork but if anyone wants to tackle it,be my guest.

Enjoy and trade freely.Convert to lossy formats for personal use only.Please preserve the quality.