Anthony Braxton Quartet
June 21, 1975 (Set 1)
Studio Rivbea, New York City, NY

Anthony Braxton - winds and reeds
Kenny Wheeler - trumpet
Dave Holland - bass
Barry Altschul - drums and percussion

Cassette (Unknown Gen) -> Soundcard -> Goldwave -> WAV -> dbPowerAmp Converter -> FLAC

Dedicated to Carville, The OrchidDoctor, and Doug Walker

This recording is better than the previous two I seeded (Braxton 1976 and Hampel 1976).

Most of you know me for sharing recording of Magma, but some DIME veterans might remember
the Fall of 2007 when Hanwaker seeded 52 of my cassette tapes that I supplied to him. A lot
of these tapes were from the New York City music scene in the early to mid 1980s.

The current flood of AACM-related works by Carville and The OrchidDoctor has inspired me to go
through by boxes of cassettes that are sitting in my basement. I will be sharing a few of these,
but I am afraid that these are concerts that were recorded on a low quality brand of cassette and
probably has not held up well over the years. I am also dedicating these concerts to my late dear
friend, Doug Walker, who introduced me to free jazz when I was merely a babe.

I invite people to make this recording better and to re-seed it on DIME if they do.