Anthony Smith's Trunk Fulla Funk
The Rhythm Room
Phoenix, AZ
May 15, 2008

R0de NT4>Edirol UA-25>USB>Lenovo ThinkPad R61>PolderbitS (16 bit, 48KHz/sec)>flac frontend

Stereo microphone was DFC 15' from stage.

Recorded by Dennis Webster (

Set I (Disc One):
1. Tuning/Bantor
2. 1st Team All-Planet
3. Funk Out With Your Junk Out
4. You Got Mopped
5. Boogie on Reggae Woman (Stevie Wonder cover)
6. That Ain't It
7. Stupid Disease
8. When the Money Gets Better
9. Freaky Revelation
10. Too Much Funk Is a Good Thing

Set II (Disc Two):
1. My Own Show
2. Keep On Pushin'>City to City>Recordame
3. The Grass Right Here
4. Early in the Morning (Gap Band cover)
5. Why You Frontin'
6. Rock With You (Michael Jackson cover)

No encore

Aaron Bleiweiss - Guitar
Jesse Charnow - Drums #
Matt Schumacher - Bass
Anthony Smith - Keyboards, Vocals
Walt Williams - Vocals

# First gig ever with this band