Nice 'N' Sleazy
Glasgow, SCO

Location: Small Club, GA, middle of room, 5m from stage.
Source: AKGck63 > Nbob Actives > TinyBox2.5(+4db/Hi) > DarkTrain Cable >
Edirol R-09HR(Lin-in@+39) @ 24bit/96khz WAV > SD Card
Transfer: WAV > Adobe Audition (limit aud noise, BBE Sonic
Maximiser, Normalise to -1db, Fades, track markers, export to flac) >
Tagging-Foobar Live Show Tagger >
Embedded Art-Foobar > TLH (Checksum)

A Mayhem Inc. Recording.

01 Anth2015-03-20_Tr1
02 Anth2015-03-20_Tr2
03 Anth2015-03-20_Tr3
04 Anth2015-03-20_Tr4
05 Anth2015-03-20_Tr5
06 Anth2015-03-20_Tr6
07 Anth2015-03-20_Tr7
08 Anth2015-03-20_Tr8

I have split this wherever it felt like a diferent peice of music.
I have no clue on titles.

Members: Paul Allen, Gareth Turner, Jesse Webb

Missed opening acts (Battery Face).