Some Kind Of Jam 12
Schulykill Haven, PA

Samson Co2 Mutant (On Stage) + SBD > Tascam DR-680 MKI (16/48) > SDHC > MacBook Pro > Adobe Audition > Flac > xACT 2.38
Recorded & Mastered By Scott Medeiros

01 Pirata —>
02 Rat Catcher
03 Dirty Money
04 Hook & Crook
05 Who No Know
06 Banter
07 Rat Race
08 Somebody’s Watching Me
09 Tombs Town


10 Opposite

Anti Balas Is:

AMAYO (Vocals & Percussion)
Martín PERNA (Baritone Sax, founder)
Jordan MCLEAN (Trumpet)
Marcus FARRAR (Shekere)
Marcos GARCIA (Guitar)
Reinaldo DEJESUS (Conga)
Will RAST (Organ / Electric piano)
Nikhil P YERAWADEKAR (Guitar/bass)
Timothy ALLEN (Guitar)
Kevin RACZKA (drums/percussion)
Raymond MASON (Trombone)
Raja KASSIS (Guitar)
Morgan PRICE (Tenor Saxophone)
Eric BIONDO (trumpet)
Stuart BOGIE (Tenor Saxophone)

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