Antony and the Johnsons with the Metropole Orchestra. Carré Amsterdam NL 2009-06-21

After the dvd of a part of this show now it's time for the "only audio" recordings. I recorded the show myself and 8 days later is was broadcasted by the NPS on dutch radio; radio6.
At first I thought it would be pointless to seed my aud. recording. Although mine sounds fine, the prof. recording would probably sound better. At first I thought it was, but after listening a few times I missed the sound of the venue and the crisp sound of the horns and strings which I loved on my own recording. There's a lot of highs and lows in the radio broadcast, but the middle tones are missing.
Besides that they cut out one tiny bit of Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground, where Antony misses the highest note.

I decide to make a mix of both sources and since it came out so beautiful I decided to share it with you. You get the best of both worlds. It took quite some time to sync both sources and I think i succeeded.

some minor problems: There are some dropouts in the radio source halfway ëverything is new. Although the aud recording fills the gaps, it might be audible. The same happens when Antony misses the high note in Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground. I added the radio-source only version as a bonus track.

Probably somebody else will seed the radio broadcast only, so if you want that you'll have to wait.

Linage source 1:
Sony ecm 717 > Sony MZ-RH910> sonic stage 4.3 > adobe audition 3.0 (limiting the crowd between songs) > Nero 9.0 wav

Linage source 2
yamaha tuner > line in laptop >adobe audition 3.0

matrix: adobe audition 3.0 >reduced song volume of the radio recording to -10db except "kiss my name" -7db> nero 9.0 wave editor for track splits > traders little helper 2.4.1

01. Everything is new
02. “christina’s farm”
03. Fort today I am a boy
04. Kiss my name
05. Everglade
06. Ghost
07. Another world
08. I fell in love with a dead boy
09. Salt, silver, oxygen
band introduction/talking
10. Dust and water
11. crazy in love (Beyoncé)
12. The crying light
13. Cripple and the starfish
14. Her eyes are underneath the ground
15. Rapture

bonus: Her eyes are underneath the ground - radio version of the same show

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