Antsy McClain And The Trailer Park Troubadours
Nevada Co. Fairgrounds
Grass Valley, CA

FM Broadcast; Bob Carver Tuner >PC >Soundforge >FLAC
FLAC >WAV Via xACT 2.37 >Change File Names To Reflect Etree Standards >FLAC (Level 8) + Tags Via xACT 2.37

Recorded, Transferred by Wreferf Ertgetgreg
File Name Changes, FLAC, & Tags By OldNeumanntapr

01. Way Cool World
02. Living In Aluminum
03. Crazy Train
04. Full Moon Nights In Pine View Heights
05. Rain Dance
06. I’m Everyone
07. The Croquet King
08. My Baby Whistles When She Walks
09. Picking Up Speed

Loud Hum/Buzz On Track #6

Do NOT Convert To MP3.
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