The Applebutter Express
4th Annual Virginia Key Grassroots Festival Of Music And Dance
Zen Village Stage
Miami, FL
2015-02-22 Sunday
82'F 61%RH

Source: (1) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-3's) > R-44 (24/41)
(2) SBD > R-44 (24/41)
Location: FOB sweet spot
Transfer: Audacity > Soundforge > CD Wave > TLH
Soundman: Todd Hutchinson (
Taped and matrixed by capnhook

d1t01 -all right-
d1t02 Handguns And Hammocks
d1t03 Start A Fire
d1t04 What Do You Got
d1t05 Just Add Water
d1t06 -song intro-
d1t07 Southpaw
d1t08 Ragin' On The Weekdays
d1t09 Smile
d1t10 The Hurricane Song
d1t11 My Poor Heart
d1t12 Jet Airliner
d1t13 -banter-
d1t14 Hey My Brotha
d1t15 -be careful-
d1t16 Riley
d1t17 -Home Team shoutout-
d1t18 Whipping Post
d1t19 -introducing Shannon Biss-
d1t20 Please Don't Go
d1t21 -banter-
d1t22 I Ain't Been This Drunk Since 1963
d1t23 -Just One More bar in Melbourne-
d1t24 Wanee Trippin'
d1t25 -encore crowd-


d1t26 Hot Pussy

Never For Sale.
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Kyle Biss - Lead Ukulele/Vocals
Shannon Biss - Vocals
Jocephus Trivett - Fiddle
Matthew DeSear - Bass

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