Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit
Chicago, IL
October 9, 1993

Source: AKG 414s > Oade supply > SBM-1 > PCM-M1 (16/48 w/ pre-emphasis)

Transfer: DAT master in Tascam DA30MKII (analog out) > Sound Devices 722 (24/96) > Audiogate (dither / re-sample to 16/44.1, tracking) > xACT (flac 8 w/ SBA & tags)

Recorded by Dave D. (chicagoblues), transferred by taperjoe.

Early Show
1. crowd
2. Plain Or Peanut
3. Spoonful
4. Time Flack
5. Zambi > Space Is The Place
6. Basically Frightened
7. Salty Dog
8. band intros
9. Payday
10. Time Is Free
11. Trondossa
12. Yield Not To Temptation
13. Compared To What
14. Working On A Building
15. Chazoid Solo
16. Cheesefrog

HUGE thanks to Dave for sending me his master DAT to transfer!

Before anyone asks, the analog transfer was to properly de-emphasize the DAT. The DA30MKII has the emphasis circuit built in, but only through the analog outputs, so I did a 24/96 transfer to make sure I got all of it. I chose this for the most accuracy as opposed to approximating it with EQ. Enjoy!!