Aquarium Rescue Unit
April 26th, 1997
Ripley's - Cincinnati, OH

Source: SBD > DAT > CDR > EAC > Wavelab 5(gain +7dB) > TLH
- EAC, processing, and uploaded by K.C. Cadwallader 04/28/10
- Big thanks to Mark Mayhall for the SBD source discs

==== ONE SET ====

d1t01 - Working on a Building*
d1t02 - Jack The Rabbit
d1t03 - No Egos Underwater
d1t04 - Funky Medley
d1t05 - Payday
d1t06 - Improv/Flashlight Jam
d1t07 - Reflections
d1t08 - Search Yourself
d2t01 - Zambiland > Space is the Place > drums > Bass solo > Space is the Place
d2t02 - Dan The Man (I Wanna Get Higher!)
d2t03 - Stand Up People
d2t04 - E: Cissy Strut

Paul Henson "fell off a cliff" and Oteil sings all lead vocals.
* The SBD source did not have any vocals in the mix on the first track,
so I mixed it with the following AUD source to add some vocals:
Nak 300/CP1's > SBM-1 > D7 @ 48kHz by K.C. Cadwallader
- Aud xfer: Master > DA-20mkII > Delta DiO 2496 > Wavelab(Resampler 192,mix)

Kofi Burbridge - Keys, Flute, Background Vocals
Oteil Burbridge - Bass, Lead Vocals
Jimmy Herring - Guitar
Forrest Robinson - Drums