Aquarium Rescue Unit
The Magic Bag
Ferndale, MI

disc 1: 55:27 min

Blazing Saddles Introduction>Give up the Funk->Satisfaction Guaranteed
Working On A Building
No Egos
How Ya Livin?
Hurt No More
Time Flack
King In The Making

disc 2: 71:01 min

Jack The Rabbit
Emotion Overload
Turn It On
Search Yourself
Same Old Thing
Jungle Love
Page In Time
Stand Up People
Cissy Strut

Source Info:

Sbd/Aud - Microtech Gefell SMS-200 (cartoid) > Byerdynamic MV-100(preamp) >
Sony D-7 (DAT)

Hand mixed with the Soundbord tape, with much love and care in
Pro-Tool's,track by track all in the digital domain.
Compression and eq also done in the digital domain.

Extracted (and verified) from CD using EAC by