Aquarium Rescue Unit
reunion show!

Wetlands, New York, NY March 28, 1999

Col. Bruce Hampton: vocals, guitar (no chazoid!)
Jimmy Herring: guitar
Oteil Burbridge: bass
Jeff Sipe Apt. Q258: drums

from DAT master
AKG391>Aerco preamp>DAT>ZA-2>Soundforge>CDR>EAC>Flac6

I think The Col. said this was their first show together in about 5 years. This was part of the star-studded evening of music at Wetlands on this night, which went into the wee hours of the morning. Oteil played with the Allman's at the Beacon earlier in the evening. Sound is very good, same source as the Herring/Sipe/Worrell set... it may have been a sbd+aud mix, (it's sounds very up-close) but I'm only certain of the AKG mics (my DAT recorder was in a digital chain of a few decks).

total time= 65:55 setlist:
01 Compared to What (7:33)
02 Elevator to the Moon (14:48) with Bernie Worrell sitting in
03 Fixin' to Die (8:36)
04 instrumental jam (9:43)>
05 Time is Free (10:24)
06 Crazy Jam (6:30)
07 Basically Frightened (7:23)
08 Cheesefrog (0:52)