Col Bruce Hampton (Ret) and The Aquarium Rescue Unit
Stella Blue

source: AKG 480/ck61 (about 95 degrees & 20cm) > V3 > DAP1
location: fob dfc, mics hung from the ceiling in the sweet spot
transfer: dap1 > audiophile 24/96 > wavelab 4.0 > soundforge 6.0 > cdwave > flac (level 8 )

taped, transfered and seeded by gordon wilson

disc one:
1. Intro/tuning
2. Fixin' To Die
3. Time Flack
4. Jazz Bank
5. Compared To What
6. Planet Earth
7. Yield Not To Temptation
8. Too Many Guitars
9. Davy Crockett
10. Arkansas
11. Time Is Free

disc two:
1. Trondossa
2. Poor Boy
3. Working On A Building
4. Basically Frightened
5. Jack The Rabbit

6. Zambi >
7. Space Is The Place>
8. Drums *
9. Space Is The Place
10. Cheese Frog
11. 15 Years/Another Man Done Gone

* Otiel on timbales

- 48k > 44.1k done with WaveLab 4.0
- fades added at beginning and end of disc with WaveLab 4.0
- after transferring I listened to the whole show and noticed a few pops in the right channel
and verified that they were on the dat master.
- soundforge 6.0 was used to fix the pops.
- reason for wavelab > soundforge is b/c I know how to fix pops with sf and don't with wl
- rick says there were a few pops from the PA as well
- Sector Boundaries verified with shntool v2.0.3
- thanks to Kelly, Joe W, and Boswell for helping me set up the mics
- and a big thanks goes to Dave and Joe at Stella Blue for helping me run the cables etc to set up the ceiling rig