Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit
Down on the Farm
Quincy, FL
12 November 2006

Source: Studio Projects LSD2 (blumlein) > Hydra silver XLR > Edirol UA5 (Oade warm) > JB3
Location: FOB, ~40 yards from stage
Transfer: JB3 (usb) > iMac. Tracked via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT

Recorded and transferred by Alex Leary

Disc One

01. ? > Space is the Place
02. Yield Not To Temptation
03. I'm So Glad
04. Fixin' To Die
05. Basically Frightened
06. Isle of Langerhan
07. Salty Dog
08. Payday > Mojo Workin' *
09. Compared to What? **

Disc Two

01. Lovelight
02. Time Flack
03. Jack the Rabbit
04. encore call
05. Workin' on a Building > bass > Davy Crocket

* w/ Jeff Coffin and Kofi Burbridge
** w/ Coffin, Burbridge and Futureman

aru2006-11-12d1t01.flac: 45217034af82a68782824a9b0f741c11
aru2006-11-12d1t02.flac: 5ce92a1c26874d1890f955dd6350fd67
aru2006-11-12d1t03.flac: 15040d11df7742eac6555c0656d7e005
aru2006-11-12d1t04.flac: 5c27772203b861bac4533982de23cde6
aru2006-11-12d1t05.flac: b6a12c888a5720730f05598f1203db38
aru2006-11-12d1t06.flac: d9be3eda3f0b9c95bbe5f6b05cb3f441
aru2006-11-12d1t07.flac: 69085ca9ff143115af66bfd2d25bb7b1
aru2006-11-12d1t08.flac: 60e9308fe70ccf591a1943d1adf1b78d
aru2006-11-12d1t09.flac: 186ba741b0f839d0400aa549df533bd4
aru2006-11-12d2t01.flac: 6b77e430e7d69e1710702b5a7edb314d
aru2006-11-12d2t02.flac: 28bba1d4a811e7395e271a7d4680b93e
aru2006-11-12d2t03.flac: 671b78c26f07514677586c07bf4381d6
aru2006-11-12d2t04.flac: 2c5c731022687b68fc2c69525bbc562f
aru2006-11-12d2t05.flac: 6e68bf6faca2f943e7c72c02cadf275d