Freiburg (germany)

taping permitted by the band....
thanks to chicco (local promotor)
thanks to freddy (house mixer)

SBD-AUD MTX recording by hanwaker

rec with
sbd-line out ( 2 channel vocals ,piano)
dpa4061 mounted on air-con utility (not humming) (4 m in front of stage left and 3 m up)--->
edirol 04

edirol -->HD
mixed in audacity --> wav --> tracked in cdwave-->flac(8)

101.38 mins

start cd2 w tr 7

01 F#
02 run honey run
03 down by the fall line
04 mohamed's hex and bounty
05 the white bird
06 tonight a jewel
07 waxing crescent
08 she moved through the fair
09 st. anthony's fire
10 encore noise 1
11 song of the nile
12 long as i can see the light
13 encore noise 2
14 false spring
15 ghosts of here and there

a hanwaker master and mix--- uploaded to dime 2012-04