basel (switzerland)

on the bill with the Great Lake Swimmers and Barzin

a hanwaker SBD-AUD matrix recording

SBD :sbd-line out-> edirol 04
audience : dpa4061 mounted on dummyhead @sbd-booth up 3 meter-> edirol 04

edirol04 -->HD
mixed in audacity --> wav --> tracked in cdwave-->flac(8)

thanks to the SUD-CREW
namely heito their house-mixer

55 mins

01 brown bird ( Luke Roberts a-cappella)
02 run honey run ( morcheeba cover )
03 down by the fall line -->
04 mohamed's hex and bounty
05 the white bird
06 tonight a jewel
07 false spring
08 she moved through the fair
09 st. anthony's fire

all pics by sonapear ---thanks--
a hanwaker recording , mix and upload to dime 2012-05