Arc Angels_Wanee Music Festival 6.6.09_E.C

Arc Angels
Wanee Music Festival
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, Florida
(6th June 2009)

01 paradise cafe
02 leaving
03 always believed in you
04 oh death (traditional)
05 spanish moon
06 sent by angels
07 drifter's escape (Bob Dylan)
08 shape i'm in
09 living in a dream
10 too many ways to fall


Doyle Bramhall II - guitar & voice
Charlie Sexton - guitar & voice
Chris Layton - drums
Mark Newmark - bass

A pretty good audience recording that i got (amongst many others) from a friend of mine who was moving house & was getting rid of a lot of stuff. there was little or no information contained among these DVDs full of shows. so i'll do my best (when posting some of these shows), to give all the info that i can gather.

I noticed on the launch groups search, that gramfan had uploaded this show back in
2009 (Recorded by Alex Leary). not sure whether this is the very same recording though.

I have, as usual cleaned it up a bit, as i felt the volume needed put up a notch or two
& generally got rid of some pops, farts & other distracting noises. so even if it is Mr
Leary's recording, this will be a little different in sound quality to his recording (no offence meant sir!)

anyway, to all those folk who didn't get this first time around, this is a fantastic
bluesy, soulful band who had just reformed (minus original bass player Tommy Shannon), after doing one brilliant album in the 90's then sadly breaking up (due to problems with drugs apparently). along with the Black Crowes & The Tea Party, I thought this group had some of the best sounds since the early 70's. Great Band!

the vocals are a little bit low in the mix throughout, but this recording certainly does
nothing to offend the ears.

Artwork included.

As with most of my bootlegs, i acquired them from loads of different places such as
blogs, bootleg sites, Friends & from purchasing them in shady markets (before i had
use of the internet & knew anything about torrents & file sharing) & i really can't tell where every individual recording came from.

so in advance: a thousand apologies to any of the tapers or individuals who originally placed these recordings up for all of us to lavish our love upon.

thank you very much for sharing, i only mean to do the same & take no credit for these bootlegs being born into our collective lap.