Richiamo dell'Amore Nero : Archie Shepp quintet with RAI Big Band

recorded live on 12 March 1980 at Teatro Corso di Mestre (Venezia), ITALY, during the series of "I concerti di Un Certo Discorso", promoted by Radiotre-RAI in cooperation with the Assessorato alla Cultura of the cities of Roma and Venezia.
Artistic direction by Filippo Bianchi and Pasquale Santoli.

Archie Shepp, tenor and soprano saxophones, voice, and PIANO on track09
Charles Greenlee, trombone, all arrangements
Dave Burrell, pianoforte
Cameron Brown, double bass
Charlie Persip, drums [but Kenny Clarke was instead announced on official listing]
# with Big Band from RAI [Radio Televisione Italiana]
saxophones - Baldo Maestri, Sal Genovese, Beppe Carrieri, Gianni Oddi, Carlo Metallo
trumpets - Cicci Santucci, Doriano Beltrame, Nino Culasso, Michele Lacerenza
trombones - Gennaro Baldino, Giancarlo Beccattini, Marco Pellacani, Ernesto Pumpo
guitars - Sergio Coppetelli and Pino Rucher. Carlo Zoffoli - vibraphone.
[maybe NOT playing here too, but part of the orchestra were also Dino Piana (trombone), Roberto Pregadio (piano), Maurizio Majorana (contrabass) Roberto Zappulla (drums), Alfredo Santoloci on saxes, and MAYBE here, as it was also announced, also Riccardo del Fr� (contrabass)]

one of the few shows organized by the Italian RAI during 1980 (see included original bill) from an idea of Pasquale Santoli to unite some famed soloists with RAI Big Band, here is Shepp paying tribute to the blues orchestrations of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn with some classic tunes... Also included in the folder as track 00 a LONG radio introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries, featuring a telephone interview with original promoter Filippo Bianchi - this intro runs for 12'16", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian - but you would be missing lots of anectodes of the time...

(00. introduction by Filippo Bianchi)
1. U-Jamaa
2. Steam
3. Quiet Dawn
4. Sophisticated Lady
5. Rock Skippin' at The Blue Note
6. Big Drag
7. Come Sunday
8. Social Call
9. Round Midnight

running time : 75'13" (without radio intro)

FM radio broadcast by "Battiti dal Vivo", Radio3 RAI [third channell of Italian national radio], on saturday 14 January 2017, 24:12 hours [CET].

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