Final concert at the Enjoy Jazz Festival.

Of course the evening was overshadowed by the Paris events especially because the musicians are from Paris. The introduction includes one minute of silence. There are some noises by me, adjusting the input level but I decided to include the whole intro. The first ~10 seconds are missing since I had to change the battery.

The tickets were a birthday present and were located... in the last row!
But the acoustics were great there (the mixing desk was located 2 rows from the rear end) so the recording turned out very good. Actually it sounded that clean I had to add a tiny amount of 'dirt' (compression + eq) to make it sound more like the original "Attica Blues" album.

The concert: I fully agree to
You'll find some photos there, too.

00 [introduction] 3:27
01 Invocation 5:36
02 Quiet Dawn 9:22
03 Blues for Brother George Jackson* 15:10
04 Arms 10:26
05 The Cry of My People 10:29
06 Steam 9:12
07 Come Sunday 6:49
08 Mama too tight 9:12
09 Ballad for a Child 5:20
10 Goodbye sweet Pops 8:48
11 Ujaama 10:45
12 D�j�-vu 7:05
13 Attica Blues* 19:37

14 [unknown]* 12:01

total: 2:23:12

* featuring Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def on vocals

technical stuff:

recording position: ~30 m from stage mid-right (row 28, seat 883)
lineage: zoom h1 -> wav 48/24 -> micro sd card -> PC -> master (wavelab) -> wav 44/16 - > flac

mastering: -bass, +mids. Volume correction -audience +announcements. Compression (the dynamic range is still very large).

recorded & mastered by wannerl