Arctic Monkeys
BBC acoustic radio session recorded at the Glastonbury Festival
22 June 2007, 12.20pm-12.40pm
Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK

Source: Live radio broadcast on BBC Radio 1, "The Jo Whiley Show"
Lineage: DVB digital satellite radio -> PC DVB Card -> HD (MPEG TS)

File Format: 192kbps/48KHz Joint-Stereo MP2 (original broadcast bitstream)
Running time: 12m 27s
Filesize: 18MB
Date of torrent: 27 June 2007


0:00:00 - 01 - Interview Part 1
0:02:05 - 02 - "The Only Ones Who Know"
0:04:20 - 03 - Interview Part 2
0:07:22 - 04 - "The Bakery"
0:10:17 - 05 - Interview Part 3
0:12:27 END


The session was broadcast in two parts from 12.20pm to 12.40pm on
Friday 22 June, with a 7 minute break between the two parts.

Some photos from this session are on the BBC's website here:

This torrent consists of the original MP2 data as broadcast by the BBC
via digital satellite. I have NOT compressed this file myself.

The MP2 file is confirmed to be free of reception/recording errors -
i.e. no dropped frames.

For details on how to use this MP2 file and burn an audio CD from it,
see the mp2guide.txt file included in this torrent.


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