Argent - The Brook, Southampton, UK. 5th December 2010

01 It's Only Money
02 Keep On Rolling
03 Rejoice
04 Dance of Ages
05 Be Free
06 Sweet Mary
07 Liar
08 She's Not There
09 I Don't Believe In Miracles
10 Since You've Been Gone
11 Hold Your Head Up
12 God Gave Rock N Roll To You
13 Baby What You Want Me To Do

Lineage: Sony ECM-717>Yamaha Pocketrak 2G>USB>Audacity>TLH. Levels adjusted, no eq applied

Uploaded in response to calls on the page for the DVD here

A better recording than I was expecting, I was too close to the PA (leaning on it!) so the right channel is a little 'hot' but the left was picking up sound directly off the stage so overall it's pretty clear. Never used Audacity for a project like this but it seems to be OK, I've burnt and played a CD without error so I think it's good to go. I have edited out applause from the encores to get the running time down to 79:51, no music or band comments have been cut.

I've put a couple of pics in the folder if anyone wants to make some art I'd appreciate it, same goes for the DVD.