Arild Andersen Group (Andersen, Henriksen, Aarset, Heral, Vinaccia) 2005-07-18 "Electra" Bj�rnsonshuset, Molde, Norway (Fm Reseed W/ Mp3-Sample)

Arild Andersen Group
(july 18, 2005)
Molde International Jazzfestival
�pningskonserten "ELECTRA"
Molde, Norway

FM recording by OPD
broadcasted by norwegian radio NRK P2
sound sample provided in comments section


1. The Big Lie 1:33
2. Electra Song 8:18
3. (announcer) > excerpts from "Electra" 35:51

total time 45:45 min.

Arild Andersen - bass, live electronics
Arve Henriksen- trumpet
Eivind Aarset - guitars
Patrice Heral - drums, tablas, udu, voc
Paolo Vinaccia - drums, perc, laptop
Elly Casdas � voc
Fontini Grammenou � voc
David Solheim - sound

High notes from the bass (
If a bass player's job is laying a solid foundation,
Arild Andersen is a master Moldejazz handyman.
He's been a regular at the festival, winning acclaim for,
among other things, the quartet album A Molde Concert recorded
during the early 1980s and a �five out of six� score from
a Norwegian newspaper for a 2003 trio performance.
He played four concerts at the 2005 festival ranging from an opening night
electric ensemble before a large crowd, including Norway's prime minister,
to a small venue solo performance. Each of them saw the longtime ECM artist
in a progressive mindset stereotypical of contemporary Scandinavian jazz -
consistently innovative and high in quality.
The opening night �Electra,� initially written for the Summer Olympics
in Athens featured the sort of ambient electronic experimentalism
I'd expect from Moevar's group after seeing a few of his concert videos.
Perhaps that's because it's the only type of this performance from the region
I have experience with, but the synth and sample backgrounds, colorfully changing
lighting, unusual sonics such as trumpeter Arve Henriksen sounding like a Middle Eastern
flute and long-form evolving compositions all bore a resemblence.
Andersen made a delayed entrance, waiting several minutes before entering
with some moderate punctuation of the underlying contemporary beat before
making a statement with some heavy plucking accented by chorused effects.
He switched to a light bowing touch before the ensemble shifted abruptly
into something Euro rockish to close out the 30-minute piece.

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