Arlo Guthrie "Alice's Restaurant"

Four (less common) versions (1966-1984):
01 Gerde's Folk City, New York, NY, 1966 (exact date unknown) -- early pre-draft prototype version (FM?)(13:33)
02 The Bob Fass Show - WBAI-FM, New York, NY, Feb 27, 1966 (or 1967) -- slightly cut at end (FM) (18:04)
03 The Bob Fass Show - WBAI-FM, New York, NY, May 1967: "Alice's Restaurant Multi-Colored Rainbow Roach Affair" (FM)
(Piano-backed version)(13:36)(24:05)
04 Longbranch Park, Liverpool, NY, July 15, 1984 -- lots of improvised lyrics(audience)(24:05)

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