Here's one more version of Alice's Restaurant...

Arlo Guthrie

Philadelphia, PA

1968 or 1969

WDAS studio (Gene Shay's Folklore show)

Alice's Restaurant - The Rainbow Colored Roach Affair (The Spy Tingler)

Later rebroadcast on Gene Shay's Folk Music show (probably 1980'x on WHYY-FM)

Gene recalls this as being from the late 1960's from his time on WDAS-FM (1968-70).


FM broadcast
> Maxell XLII cassette tape recorded on unremembered equipment
> Sony TC-WE475
> Flying Calf A/D converter
> M-Audio Delta DiO 2496
> Adobe Audition (normalized and trimmed)

~ltzero (on Dime)