Arlo Guthrie (backed by Ry Cooder & Swampwater featuring Gib Guilbeau)
1971-11-11 _ West Tampa, Florida _ Fort Homer W. Hesterly Armory _ (M1-AUD)
522 North Howard Avenue

~*~ Carefully remastered fixing various issues, without EQ ~*~

01. ...Anytime
02. --tuning, dead air & song intro--
03. I Could Be Singing
04. --song intro--
05. 1913 Massacre
06. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
07. --song intro--
08. Mapleview 20% Rag
09. --tuning, song intro, "The Dope Crisis" story--
10. Coming Into Los Angeles
11. --song intro--
12. All Around The Water Tank
13. --song intro--
14. Days Are Short
15. Stealin'
16. --song intro with "The Snow Story"--
17. Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues
18. --song intro with the "Indians & Picks Story"--
19. Lay Down Little Doggies

Encore :::
20. --song intro--
21. Ring-Around-A-Rosy Rag

Total Time ::: 1:04:26

::: VERY fine stereo AUD. Check samples for love it or leave it deliberations.
::: Warts: Repaired dullspots & dropouts but surely missed a few. #01 fades in (missing ~15secs & not sure it's start of his set). End of #3 thru #5 tiny bit o' jitters. #16 talk intro has slight cut & 1min of issues. #21 has clapping.
::: "Story" titles on #09,16,18 are of my own invention - they're just Arlo song intros.
::: I don't have the Ry Cooder set & ain't sure it was taped, but perhaps someone else who traded with John could share.
::: One review says Cooder opened & another says a "band" (which would have been Swampwater) opened. I guess it was Ry fronting Swampwater.
::: Tickets were apparently $4.00 - a new high for rock concert prices in Tampa & the show was scheduled for 8pm.
::: One reviewer said Ry won many new "friends" with his opening set, another was irate that they didn't start playing until 8:30(!) & said their words were unintelligible.
::: The taper apparently didn't record "Hobo's Lullaby", but it was noted in a review as having been played after "Ring-Around-A-Rosy Rag".
::: A review stated Cat Stevens & his band sat sidestage during Arlo's set. Cat played Curtis Hixon Hall the next nite.
::: Swampwater was a post Nashville West/pre-Flying Burrito Brothers band that backed Linda Ronstadt for 2 years prior to their 1971 tours with Arlo.
::: Arlo's fall tour (round 2 of the year with Swampwater backing) was from the end of Oct. 'til Dec. 10.
::: There was to be a live LP from the spring tour with this band (without Ry). Tapes were made, but it never happened.
::: UPLOADED in memory of Gib Guilbeau (1937-2016) of Nashville West, Swampwater, The Flying Burrito Brothers & other groups. A true pioneer of country folkrock & a fine musician.

Recording Information ::: unknown stereo cassette recorder & mikes -> master cassette -> 1st generation Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Playback 2017-11-xx ::: 1st generation Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette on Nakamichi 680ZX cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth adjusted for individual tape, heads cleaned & demagnetized -> Sony Linear PCM Recorder PCM-M10 (LPCM 44.10kHz/16bit WAV files) -> computer -> Audacity [normalisation to remove DC offset, channel/phase alignment, fades, manual one-at-a-time glitch, bump, pop, click, dropout & dullspot repairs, volume adjustments, -2.1% averaged pitch (speed) fix with single pass after frequency analysis & with pitchpipe verification except #18&19 maybe batteries were dying & done at -5.6%, NO equalisation or noise reduction]. Tape was out of phase & now fixed but goes out a couple of times, maybe due to mike spread. Popmute used lightly on clapping at end of some songs & very lightly in encore. -> CD Wave (track splits) -> flacs (Trader's Little Helper) -> yr ears. First uploaded 2017-12-xx.

Line-up ::: Arlo Davy Guthrie - acoustic & electric guitar, piano, vocals // Floyd August "Gib" Guilbeau - fiddle, guitar?, backing vocals // Ryland "Ry" Peter Cooder - electric guitar, lap steel guitar, mandolin // Thad Maxwell - electric bass // Stan Pratt - drums.

Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

DimeTravel 339 ::: Thanks to the original taper & trader, John M., Florida's foremost taper of his era! Sadly, according to a DIME comment some time ago, I guess he's left this portal coil, but he did music lovers a lot of good, from his most famous recording of Derek & The Dominos with Duane Allman on thru-as-yet uncirculated recordings (online) like this one. I received many dozens of packages full of tapes from him over the years, the majority of which were from his masters. Also, MANY thanks to DIMER gv0000, whose research & generosity supplied band/instrumentation confirmation, the missing encore title & other juicy tidbits. ::: Corrections welcome ::: I've been puzzled for decades why more live tapes of Arlo haven't surfaced. Do any other live Arlo sets from post-Woodstock thru 1974 circulate aside from some TV appearances? Seems a huge gap in the live tape scene for an artist of his stature. This show is interesting in many respects. Excellent band - Ry's playing is spot on. "Days Are Short" is really superb. I can well imagine this recording could convert some folks who are on the fence about Arlo. I spent many the hour of my wayward youth glued to his releases. How different life would have been without "Hobo's Lullaby" & "Last Of The Brooklyn Cowboys", or, for that matter, "Alice's Restaurant"! Listen, enjoy, show appreciation, share, give, spread peace. Yrs truly, Knees

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